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Chord Company Powerchord UK Mains Power Cable

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Key Features

  • Make A difference to your system. Nice upgrade
  • Improved Clarity And Dynamic Performance

Product Description

Chord Company PowerChord Mains Cable UK Version

High frequency dual layer shielding system

High density vibration damping outer jacket

High purity copper conductors

CE approved

Available with 13 and 16 amp IEC plugs

The electrical supply within our houses is becoming increasingly polluted. The typical household now has around 40 microprocessors and many of the electronic components we now use are fitted with switch mode power supplies. The Chord Co established some years ago that high frequency electrical interference was having a seriously detrimental effect on the performance of both hi-fi and home cinema systems and this discovery prompted the development of firstly the Signature interconnect and then the Signature speaker cable.


Prior to this we had experimented with several designs of mains cable, none of which produced consistent results from system to system. Having successfully developed the Signature cables and proved their effectiveness it was logical to apply the same shielding principles to a mains cable. The result is the Chord PowerChord. Unlike previous designs, the PowerChord's performance and the improvements it brings are remarkably consistent, regardless of the system it is fitted to. The PowerChord is also a simple and effective upgrade to both plasma and LCD televisions, improving clarity, contrast and colour.

Fitting the Chord Power Chord to an audio or home cinema system

On the face of it, there is a logical approach to fitting PowerChord/s to a hi-fi or home cinema system, it would seem to make a lot of sense to connect a PowerChord to the source component of a system first of all. Any interference getting through to the source component will be amplified throughout the system. We would however recommend experimentation. In many cases, introducing a PowerChord to the source component will bring dramatic improvements to detail, clarity and dynamic performance.

The PowerChord will also enhance the stereo image and improve the space around individual voices and instruments. However, if PowerChords are not being used throughout the system, we would recommend that you experiment first by fitting the PowerChord to the source component and then swapping to the pre or integrated amplifier. In some cases, this may well bring about a bigger increase in performance.


Ultimately, fitting PowerChords throughout a hi-fi or home cinema system will guarantee the best performance but to some extent, the law of diminishing returns comes into effect. Each PowerChord you fit after the initial experimentation described above will bring further improvements but the first one will be the most dramatic.

Fitting PowerChords to a home cinema system can turn the fitting order described above on its head. The very first place to experiment is with the power connection to the plasma, LCD or projector. This will often dramatically improve picture quality. After the screen we would advise experimenting by fitting PowerChords to the DVD player and finally the processor.


We tested many IEC plugs before deciding on the one that we fit to the PowerChord. During the blind testing, the one we use was consistently found to produce the best sound quality. The same process was applied to the 13 amp mains plug and great attention was paid to the routing and configuration of the internal wiring in both plugs.

The PowerChord is available in 1m 1.5m and 2m lengths from stock. Custom lengths are available to order.


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