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Chord Company Shawline Analogue DIN Interconnect Cable

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Life Style
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Key Features

  • Hand built in the UK and featuring our unique ARAY conductor geometry.
  • Custom Lengths Available To Order, Please Contact Us 0114 3210440

Product Description

Chord Company Shawline Analogue DIN Interconnect Cable

When Chord first launched the Chord Sarum Tuned ARAY the biggest response came from Naim Audio users.

The musical transparency, the ability of the Tuned ARAY design to carry a musical signal with such coherence, the extraordinary reduction of interference and the consequent drop of the noise floor allowed Naim users to hear just how very good the systems they owned really were.

These weren’t small differences either they were profound.

So when Chord first sat and thought about using the Tuned ARAY conductor configuration on the Shawline analogue we know we had to be able to produce DIN to DIN and DIN to RCA versions.

Chord heard what the Sarum and Signature Tuned ARAY cables did with smaller Naim systems.

It was amazing, but expecting someone to spend more than the cost of their amplifier on a cable regardless of how good it sounded wasn’t – with a few exceptions – going to happen.

The challenge with producing the Shawline Analogue is that all Tuned ARAY cables require a high degree of precision that can only be achieved with painstaking hand assembly.

The Shawline is built from PTFE insulated silver-plated conductors and use a composite shielding material that works over a wide bandwidth and also reduces mechanical noise.

The cable is assembled within a flexible plastic tube chosen to further reduce mechanical noise and a protective outer braid is fitted.

So the Shawline Analogue DIN range is available in DIN to DIN – both four pin and five pin versions, RCA to DIN and DIN to RCA.

All of them are Tuned ARAY designs and all of them do for the smaller Naim amplifiers and digital devices what the Sarum Tuned ARAY did for the bigger systems.

There are many upgrade paths for Naim users but The Shawline DIN cables have to be for any music lover one of the most cost effective and musically profound steps forward you can make.

Chord Shawline Analogue DIN cables are available in standard 1 metre lengths and longer custom versions are available in all configurations.

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