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Chord Rumour 2 Speaker Cable Sold With Terminations

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Key Features

  • Please Select Your Preferred Terminations For Both Amplifier And Speaker End From Drop Down Options.
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Product Description

Chord Rumour 2 Speaker Cable Sold With Terminations.

Free Velcro Cable Tidy With Your Order.

Note - This is a single cable, if you require a pair for your speakers, please enter quantity 2

If You Require One Long Length Without Terminations Please Click Here.

Chord Rumour was the first speaker cable that Chord produced.

At the time we were already producing interconnects using silver-plated conductors in combination with Teflon insulation and were well aware of the potential performance benefits of this combination.

We experimented with several cable geometries before settling on the twisted pair configuration that we have used ever since.

Following repeated listening tests, we felt this configuration offered some genuine advantages over the more commonly used heavy gauge parallel pair designs that were commonly used at the time.

Each conductor is made up of 19 strands of silver-plated oxygen free copper.

These are insulated by Teflon and surrounded with an outer jacket of silicone.

Silicone was chosen as an outer jacket partly for its flexibility and partly for its excellent mechanical damping characteristics.

Rumour is a remarkably compatible speaker cable and can be used in a wide range of applications from mini systems right up to full blown active set ups.

The size of the cable makes Rumour a very attractive proposition for anyone looking to get really good sound quality from what is a near invisible (in hi-fi terms) speaker cable.

It is discreet enough in its installation version to tuck between a carpet and skirting board.

The combination of silver-plated conductors and Teflon insulation make Rumour a very clean and neutral sounding speaker cable.

It is capable of transmitting a wide bandwidth signal and many users are surprised at the remarkably deep but well controlled bass that Rumour brings to their system.

Rumour speaker cable is available in three configurations:

Rumour 2 is a twin conductor cable with an overall diameter of 6mm.

Rumour Install is simply a twisted pair of conductors without the silicone outer jacket.

The combination of silver-plated conductors and Teflon insulation has some real advantages for high quality installations. Teflon will withstand very high temperatures and is resistant to most solvents.

It is also extremely good at preventing air from reaching the conductors it is insulating and because of this, loss of sound quality through oxidisation ceases to be a problem.

Further to this, although silver will oxidise, the oxides are barely less conductive than the silver. What this means is that the performance of Rumour will remain consistent for many, many years.

Cheaper copper PVC cables can degrade quite severely and will affect the performance of the system they are fitted to.

Rumour 2 and 4 should be installed in a system so that the wording on the outer jacket reads from the amplifier towards the speakers.



  • 1.5mm diameter silver-plated oxygen free copper conductors
  • Twisted pair conductor configuration
  • Teflon conductor insulation
  • Vibration damping Silicone outer jacket

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