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Spin Clean Record Washing Machine

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Key Features

  • The Fluid Can Be Used On 78 Records As It Does Not Contain Alchol
  • For Getting The Best Out Of Your Records

Product Description

Product Information

Spin Clean Record Washer System MkII

Anyone who has used the conventional brush-type record cleaner knows how awkward they are to use and that they have only a limited ability.

The Spin-Clean® record washing system approaches the issue in a completely new and inventive way, enabling users to clean both sides of their records at once, without using the turntable as a cleaning platform.

With the Spin-Clean® record washing system, you'll help preserve your precious turntable, stylus, and of course your record collection. Here's how we do it: 

Our Secret Advantage
Spin-Clean Record Washer MKII's secret weapon is its special washer fluid.

This unique formula encapsulates the dirt that comes off the record and sinks it to the bottom of the washer basin so it is not re-deposited back on to your records during the cleaning process.

But why is Spin-Clean Bright Yellow? We chose bright yellow for the color of the Spin-Clean so you can see the dirt collecting at the bottom of the unit!

Better Than a Hand Held Brush
When using a traditional cleaning brush, how can you tell that you're pushing hard enough or if you have enough liquid on your brush? Is it even removing smudges and fingerprints? With Spin-Clean® record washing system, it's easy as one, two, three: fill it – spin it – dry it.

You never have to adjust the brushes (they're pre-set at the right pressure).

After three turns in the Spin-Clean® record washing system, the dirt and the fingerprints are gone on both sides of the record along with the static.

You not only see the Spin-Clean® record washing system work, you can hear the difference in sound. 

Specifications and Package Contents
Spin Clean Record Washer MkII looks and feels right.

It's inconspicuous in size (six inches wide, fifteen inches long, and six inches high) and it has no power requirements, making it the "Greenest" Record Cleaner in the industry.

But best of all, there's absolutely no installation required, making it a very flexible and attractive Package.

Each Spin-Clean MKII comes with a 4 oz. bottle of the MKII washer fluid (which is enough fluid to clean up to 700 records!), two washable and re-useable MKII drying cloths, one pair of MKII Brushes, one pair of MKII Rollers and the MKII owners manual.

Made in Pittsburgh
Proudly Manufactured and Hand Assembled in Pittsburgh, PA Since 1975.

We feel that in today's marketplace it is very unusual to find a product in this price point that is not made in China. We are very proud to be "Made in the USA." The Spin-Clean Record Washer MKII has been Manufactured and Hand Assembled in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania since 1975.

As one of the world's most influential turntable manufacturers, and one of the sole creators of the UK's vinyl re-birth in the late 1990s/2000s, Pro-Ject Audio Systems are delighted to be the sole world-wide distributors (excluding the US and Canada) for Spin Clean; as a result of this Henley Designs are delighted to be the sole UK importer/distributor.

Corroborating Evidence

FIDELITONE INC. (worldwide manufacturer and distribution of fine record and video accessories) tested the Spin-Clean® record washing system for RCA Records in 1976. The test results were remarkable.

After Spin-Clean® record washing system had been used, output sensitivity was substantially increased, channel separation was increased, and amplified record noise was reduced.

The Real Test
There's only one way to really find out what Spin-Clean® record washing system is all about; buy one today and see for yourself how great and affective this system really is! The Spin-Clean Record Washer MKII comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all parts, excluding brushes for wear and tear. However, through over thirty years of experience we know this product has a great reputation for reliability.

We know that once you try the Spin-Clean® record washing system, record care will never be the same again. So go ahead and do it. Buy Now! 

Note: The fluid used in the Record Washer System does not contain alcohol, so it is fine to be used with 78RPM records.

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